Friday, April 13, 2007

Our Easter

Easter was really fun this year. It's so neat to see he boys get so excited about the little things. Gavin has also been asking a lot of questions about Jesus, so we've been able to talk about the real meaning of Easter.

We got up, ate cinnamon rolls (mmm....), gave the boys their baskets,

finished getting ready for church. Then we decided to take some pictures before leaving for church. We usually do this out side, but since the weather decided to get all cold on us, we took them inside.

Of course they cooperated in the picture with dad, but not me... oh well, it depicts real life!

After church we went to Chris Grandma Greiving's house and ate lunch and watched the kiddo's hunt eggs. Then it was home to take naps and get things ready to go for my parent's house.

We ate dinner over there and they got to hunt more eggs! We have candy coming out of our ears
Before we hunted the eggs we tried to do a little photo shoot with the kids.. that was a joke! Try getting four kids 3 and under to all sit still next to each other and smile all at the same time! Not easy.. but the pics turned out cute, even though they were far from perfect. Here's a few...

So that was our busy Easter Sunday. It was really tiring, but there were a lot of memories good memories made.


Beth said...

Sounds like you guys had a fun Easter! I LOVE the family pic, it is so good! the kids are so cute!

Veggie said...

I love your family picture! I didn't think of pictures until on the way home from church & then once we got home, I forgot until I was already changed. But I got one of the kids at least.

Tressie said...

It sounds like you had a great easter! I too love the family picture. Your boys are so darn cute!!

Jess B said...

What handsome boys you have at your house!! Sounds like you had a good Easter. I love the family pic that you have up.