Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Update on Grandpa

They kept him at the hospital yesterday and overnight, because when they got him up to walk around he got really short of breath. Grandma was a bit hesitant to take him home if he still wasn't feeling good. So they decided to stay just one more day. He was moved to a regular room where he could get up and around more.
Hopefully he Will be going home (if he's not there already) today.

I talked to them both for a little bit yesterday, and they seem to be handling everything very well. Grandpa sounds good, and I told him not to do this to us again. So hopefully he listens. lol
Thank you all again for the thoughts and prayers.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Trying Not to Worry

Which for me, is easier said than done.
I got a call this weekend from my mom telling me that my grandpa had gone into the hospital because he was having chest pain, and just wasn't feeling right.
He had been feeling this way for a few weeks, and just decided that he should probably go get checked out. I am so thankful that he did!
They found out through all their test that one side of his heart was blocked 90%, and the other 60%. They said his bad cholesterol was fine, but there wasn't enough good cholesterol. My mom said they gave the analogy that it was like you taking out your trash (bad cholesterol), but there was no garbage truck (good cholesterol) to pick it up. So the trash just keeps piling up.
The really scary thing is that if the doctor told my grandma they call his condition the "widow maker", because there's no chance of survival if he would have actually had a heart attack. I just can't imagine him not being here. Even the thought about that makes me want to break into tears.
My mom called me today to let me know that they just put in two stints and he is now in critical care to recover. He will be released tomorrow if there are no complications. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers
And if you could pray for my grandma too, she is going through this without any family since they live in Arizona. Thankfully there was a friend with her today while grandpa was in surgery.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Boys and their Toys

For a while now Chris has really been wanting to do something special with the boys where they could get their hands dirty, use their tools and do some male bonding. lol
Chris shows up after work on Wednesday with some scrap lumber, and declares.
"Boy's. We're gonna make a bench".
On Thursday after they got back from school that is exactly what they did.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Do you ever feel like just yelling STOP? So that time could just stand still for a second, and you can take everything in that your kids are learning, doing, and remember them for the rest of your life. Everything seems to be happening so fast, and I can't beleive how big my boys are getting.
The things that I was only dreaming of them doing a few years ago are happening, and it just seems so surreal.
Today, Gavin was learning to ride his bike without the help of his training wheels. It seems like only yesterday we were trying to get him to peddal his little trike, and now Chase was walking that same trike around trying to catch up with the big boys on their bikes. Where, oh where is the time going?
Some days it seems like things would be so much easier if they were just a little older and self sufficient, but the truth is the older they get the more I miss their dependance on me. The more I want to hold them close and cuddle with them, and protect them from all the things out in the world. It's all so bitter-sweet.
Now for the pictures from today :)







And a few of the other boys too








Friday, January 16, 2009

not so glamorous 365

almost forgotten


holy socks

he's mine

Sick :(

my obsession. the computer


my favorite mug

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

the not so glamorous side

Since getting a new camera for Christmas... yea, that's right I got the Nikon D60 that I've been dreaming of!!!!! Thanks to my mom and dad (LOVE YOU!!!!) I have decided that I am going to start a diary of my day-to-day life with pictures. A picture blog so to speak, or as my Flikr friends call it a "365".
I started on January 1st so it would be easier for me to remember what day I'm on.
I will upload them once a week, hopefully.
Here are the first pictures of the "not so glamorous 365"
(and I've already forgotten two days in here, so bear with me, I'm trying to remember!)
An introduction of me
Putting baby to sleep

Yet another diaper change


Christmas Pictures

Preparing for Christmas:

Christmas with Alana (Chris' mom):

Christmas Eve (with the Greivings, Chris' family):

Christmas Morning:

Christmas with the Melsoni's (my Family)