Wednesday, February 27, 2008

This is my new "crush"

It's a Nikon D300. And by the pictures I've seen taken with it, its' amazing!
But with a Price tag of $2,539.99. I sadly don't think this dream will ever be realized. Heck, by the time I can save up that much money, and convince myself to actually blow it on something like this, it will already be out of date!
Frankly though, and Digital SLR camera would be better than my Kodak Easy share. lol. But the cheapest is about 600.00, so it's still a pretty penny.

A girls gotta have dreams though, right?

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Do you ever wonder

So this is what happens around here when Chris is gone, the boys are in bed, mom's board and the only other thing to do is fold laundry, and who wants to do that when you could do this

Hehehe... actually, I just opened up a flickr account, and I've been getting some ideas to challenge my eye in photography. Now, I know it doesn't look like much, but it's pretty stinking hard to time it just right, and not bang your head on the ceiling!
Here's the link to my Flickr account if ya wanna see some more pictures

Monday, February 18, 2008

Sick and Tired

I am sooooo ready for spring to come so we can open up the windows and air out his house. Fly away little germies, fly away!!
Oh, if only it were that easy. But it's not. Getting these germies to "fly away" usually entails me spending two days bleaching everything in sight, and then some. Not to mention washing every thing that can fit in the washer...again!
I swear by the time I finally finish cleaning from the last time someone was sick some one else starts coming down with something. Ugh!
So in case you couldn't tell from my rant above, we were all, yes all, sick with the flue. Gavin woke up Sunday morning with a temperature of 103 point something, (I forget the exact temp, because gosh darnit, I've taken so many temperatures in the last 8 days that the numbers kind of all run together. So parden the estimating.) so I give him some Ib Profin and water and get him settled in bed between Chris and I. We wake up an hour or so later and it's still at 102. This went on all day. His fever never went below 102 until it broke late Monday morning. He ran a low fever on Monday but it wasn't anything like Sunday's fever.
Then Dylan wakes up on Tuesday with a fever. I kinda expected that one ;) His did the same thing Gavin's did, except early Wednesday morning he woke up (thankfully he was sleeping in the bed with me) and said his tummy hurt. So we go to the bathroom and he proceeds to puke. I think it was because of his temperature being so high, because he only did it once.
While I'm taking care of Dylan, Chris wakes up and tell me to feel his forhead because he thinks he's runnning a fever. Sure enough, he was burning up too.
Needless to say he spent Wednesday and Thursday feeling like death had warmed over. Poor guy, really, I did feel aweful for him. He never gets sick, ever. I mean this is only the second time in 6 years I've seen him this sick. The only thing I have to complain about wiht him is that he would NOT stay in one place! Talk about spreading germs... yeah, I know we were all sick or going to get sick, but for heaven's sake man, don't make me have to clean everything in every room!
I started feeling blah on Thursday, but never got a fever, thank God! I had a horrid headache, and a cough that felt like I was coughing up a lung, but if that's all I had to deal with, I was going to take it.
And Saturday Chase started running a low fever. He's just got a stuffy nose and a little cough now. His fever has been gone since this morning. He is however not a very happy camper. In fact, as I'm writing this he's screaming at me... yes I am holding him, and typing with one hand, but he's not happy with my attempt at multi-tasking.
After all this, I am definitely sure about one thing... no matter how old I am, or how many kids I have of my own, I will still always need my mommy. If it weren't for her we would not have survived. She ran and got us soup when we realized we didn't have any in the house, she got some more tylenol and Ib Profin for the boys, picked up Gavin from school on Thursday and took Gavin and Dylan all day on Friday so Chris and I could rest.
And I can't forget to thank my Brother in law, Brian. He took Gavin to school on Thursday for me. I wasn't going to let him go, even though he felt just fine, because I wasn't sure I could drive to get him there! So Thanks Brian!!
So that's how our weeks was lst week. I sure hope everyone elses was much better :)

Friday, February 1, 2008

Got my Hair Did, and I'm ready for my close up (he, he, he)

I went this evening (Friday) to go get my hair done. I wasn't going to get a lot cut off, because Chris want's me to grow it back out, but I was just so tired of messing with it! Yeah, I let her cut it all off again, but it's really cute, I love it! I also got to get it colored. It's pretty stinking close to my natural color, just a hair (no pun intended) darker, and I got some blonde highlights put in. All in all I'm really happy with it. I think having my hair a bit darker makes my blue eyes stand out more.