Friday, February 1, 2008

Got my Hair Did, and I'm ready for my close up (he, he, he)

I went this evening (Friday) to go get my hair done. I wasn't going to get a lot cut off, because Chris want's me to grow it back out, but I was just so tired of messing with it! Yeah, I let her cut it all off again, but it's really cute, I love it! I also got to get it colored. It's pretty stinking close to my natural color, just a hair (no pun intended) darker, and I got some blonde highlights put in. All in all I'm really happy with it. I think having my hair a bit darker makes my blue eyes stand out more.


Anonymous said...

Very nice! Your eyes really do stand out more.

The "Airborne" Kilgores said...

I love it Erin!!!!

Seems like EVERYONE is getting their hair cut!

Anonymous said...

Erin your hair looks so good. I really like the color and it does make your eyes stand out. Tell Dylan and Gavin they are great singers and we enjoyed listening to them. Chase is sooooo cute. He is really sweet, sure miss you all. Grandma