Monday, January 26, 2009

Trying Not to Worry

Which for me, is easier said than done.
I got a call this weekend from my mom telling me that my grandpa had gone into the hospital because he was having chest pain, and just wasn't feeling right.
He had been feeling this way for a few weeks, and just decided that he should probably go get checked out. I am so thankful that he did!
They found out through all their test that one side of his heart was blocked 90%, and the other 60%. They said his bad cholesterol was fine, but there wasn't enough good cholesterol. My mom said they gave the analogy that it was like you taking out your trash (bad cholesterol), but there was no garbage truck (good cholesterol) to pick it up. So the trash just keeps piling up.
The really scary thing is that if the doctor told my grandma they call his condition the "widow maker", because there's no chance of survival if he would have actually had a heart attack. I just can't imagine him not being here. Even the thought about that makes me want to break into tears.
My mom called me today to let me know that they just put in two stints and he is now in critical care to recover. He will be released tomorrow if there are no complications. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers
And if you could pray for my grandma too, she is going through this without any family since they live in Arizona. Thankfully there was a friend with her today while grandpa was in surgery.


Wendy said...

I have been praying and thinking about you guys today! I hope he is well enough to go home tomorrow.

Wife, mother...and now a grandma! said...

Praying!! Remember that God is in control...he obviously wasn't ready to take your grandpa home since HE got him to the hospital in time!! Praying for all of you!!!!