Saturday, May 19, 2007

We went camping last night!

Well, kinda. We actually just set up the tent in the backyard. But it was still fun! At least until this morning, when I could hardly move... It's sad when I'm only 25 and I can't move after a night of sleeping outside. Of course it doesn't help that I'm pregnant too!
The boys were really good, and then had a lot of fun looking up at the starts, and watching the bugs fly around the tent.
We're really going camping in June, so I'm glad the test run went well. I'm just going to have to remember to bring along some Tylenol for this old gal!


The "Airborne" Kilgores said...

Very cool. We plan on doing that a couple times too this summer before we take a month off to go vacationing with the kids this summer!

BTW: Love your new rug!!

Veg said...

We went camping this weekend. What was I thinking??? LOL We had to stop at Walmart (after finding one..we were in farming land, so it took awhile) & get pants, then the 2nd night we had to go get a small heater for the pop-up! LOL

But we had a blast & the kids loved it, so I'm sure we'll be going again.