Monday, September 3, 2007


That's the lovely sound my computer made this week! It's been heading this way for about 2 weeks, but was still use able, thanks to my technologically wise mother, but now we're pretty sure it's going to take more money to try and fix it than it would take to get a new one. However, money is tight so that probably won't be happening for quite some time. In the meantime I'll be able to use my mom's computer (which is where I'm typing from now), and keep things pretty up-to-date. So that's the wonderful news around here, at least I'll get more house cleaning done since I won't be on my mommy's discussion boards all day!


Rebecca said...

Soooooo sorry that I wasn't able to fix it and I apologize to all of you who enjoy Erin's updates. Hopefully she will be able to come over often to use my computer until we find her another one!Another excuse to see my favorite grandsons!