Tuesday, August 14, 2007

28 weeks!

28 weeks and I feel huge!! I think this little guy has gone through a major growth spurt, because I feel about ready to pop!

So far things are going a lot better than they were a few weeks ago. I've been taking 3 iron pills a day instead of just one, and that made a huge difference! I have a lot more energy now, and I'm not feeling light-headed any more.

For those of you who are asking I think we have decided on a name. But Chris is still dragging his feet on letting me know if he likes it for sure or not. But for now his name is Caiden Parker. The boys are also already calling him Caiden, so I think Chris' mind is made up whether he likes the name or not!

Oh, and yes. I do dress my children! And then 10 minutes later I see them and find myself asking, "where are your clothes?"!!

I guess I shouldn't be complaining, it cuts down on the laundry. :)


Beth said...

You look beautiful!!! I love the name, can't wait to see pics of the new little guy! And Dylan is just precious!

Alicia said...

You look great! When are you due? I haven't been on Mommysavers (Aidansmommy) much and didn't even know you were expecting!