Monday, August 6, 2007

Bunk Beds

We finally did it. We broke down, splurged (is it a splurge if you actually need it?! Anyhow..) and finally got the boys some bunk beds.

We checked out Big Lots because my dad said that they had some on sale for 200.00. They did, but being the indecisive shopper I am, decided I wanted to look a few other places before making a final decision. So we drove to a discount store called Crazy Jay's. I liked the selection that they had there a lot better, and it seemed like it was a better deal to get the frame and mattresses there than it would have been to get them at Big Lots. So we ended up buying them a set of wooden bunk beds. I like the way the wood ones look much better than the metal ones. Plus in the future they can be split into two twin beds, and don't have to be stacked like the metal ones do. So that I'm sure will come in handy one of these days!

The boys were super excited. We had to drive home so Chris and Gavin could get the truck and pick up the boxes at the store. (Duh! I don't know why we didn't drive the truck to the store... like we thought we could fit it all in our Saturn!) While they were doing that Dylan and I stayed home and took down Gavin's toddler bed and cleared the room out a bit.
It's a very crowded room now, and we still have to fit a dresser in there somewhere! We will be able to fit one in there, it just doesn't look like it from the angle I took the pictures at. I guess all I have to say is thank goodness we're having another boy, because they're going to be sharing the space for quite some time!

The first night with the beds was interesting. Gavin did really well, but Dylan wanted to sleep with Gavin on the top. There was no way I was going to let that happen, because I know how both of them sleep and one of them would have ended up getting kicked over the side for sure! So I layed with Dylan for a while in his bed, and he did okay. Of course he is used to being in a crib thathe couldn't fall out of, so about 3 am I heard a thud, and he started crying. Poor guy fell right off. But he was tired enough that I put him back in, and rubed his head a little and he fell right back to sleep. Thank goodness that was the only mishap of the night.
Nap time on Sunday was a whole different story though! Chris let me take a nap, and he said he'd watch out for the boys durring nap time. I guess they decided that it would be more fun to jump off the top bunk (with the fan going I might add!) than it would be to take naps. That however didn't go over so well with daddy, and they finally settled down and took maybe a 30 minute nap. Which isn't long, but hey! Chris was watching them... I still got to sleep :D

So here's the pics of the new space for the boys. Not completely organized yet, but close enough.


Jess B said...

I love the bunk beds!! Looks great. I can't imagine having all 3 boys in the same room. You are quite brave!

Erin said...

Love your bunk beds! My boys have them and they are a lifesaver! :)

Tressie said...

I love the bunkbeds. We are shopping around for bunks for the girls.

Beth said...

I agree you are brave having them all in the same room!! But the bed looks great!!