Monday, July 30, 2007

Oh Baby!!

I had my 6 month Pre-Natal visit on Thursday, and it seems like this baby hit a big growth spurt! I was measuring 28 weeks, and I was actually only 25 weeks. So another big baby for me... whoo hooo!
I also lost a pound, so I've only gained 16 pounds so far. Which is I guess pretty decent for being 25 weeks.
Kathy said that as big as this little guy is already, we should start trying to get labor going about October 15th. So that's a big jump from November 6th. Chris asked her why we couldn't let my go until my body is ready, and wait until the due date. She said that if we did that she's pretty sure I wold have to have a c-section. With my bone structure I'd only be able to birth at max a 10 to 10-1/2 pound baby. Anything over that is when things get complicated, and the baby is more likely to get stuck.
So I think I'd rather go early than have all that stuff happen!!
However if I am to get things going that early, Kathy said it was going to take a lot of work. Tons of walking, and squatting, and sex. Yes sex, and a lot of it. Like twice a day! Boy you should have seen the look on Chris' face when she said that (guys! *roll eyes*).
She is going to do a glucose test on me next month. I had one done with Dylan and it was negative. But she wants to do one this time just to cover the bases. Good new is though that for lunch that afternoon I get to eat McDonald's!! I get to have fries, pop, the whole meal!! I can't wait for that. I usually can't stand McDonald's, but when I'm pregnant I constantly crave it. That and any other fast food place. I don't' know if it's the grease, or fat and calories or what. But my cravings go crazy. At least I don't allow them to consume me or I'd have gained waaaay more than 16 pounds!
So that's the news for now. Big baby = earlier due date.


Andrea said...

Sounds like you're moving right along w/the pregnancy woman! Glad to hear it's going great. Can't wait to see the big guy. :) XO

Beth said...

Has it been 6 months already?? Sounds like you are doing great! Oct 15th would be a great day to have a baby, that's my birthday!! Hope the next few months keep going great!!

Kay Harlan said...

Stay healthy Erin and we will be praying for you and the baby. Have you come up with a name yet? Love you and we send our prayers to all of you. Grandma and Grandpa