Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Pictures from the Fourth

It was a crazy week, and I didn't get a ton of pictures from the fourth. But I made sure I got enough for at least one scrapbook page!

Wednesday morning we went to the parade and got lots of candy!

After the parade we went to mom and dad's to eat lunch. Because we were having people over to our house later that night, we weren't going to be able to spend that evening with them.

I got this picture while driving to mom's house.... don't worry, I was stopped at a stop light :)

Here's one I got of Gavin while we were waiting for mom to get back from the parade.

After lunch we headed back home to set up for all the people we were having over. I don't know how many people we actually invited, but it was pretty much whoever we saw within a few weeks of the fourth we told them about it! We ended up having probably about 25-30 people plus their kids. I'll bet there were over 15 kids over here, including mine. It was crazy, but it was really fun, and no one got hurt! We cooked out hamburgers, hot dogs, and brauts. There was a ton of food that people brought, and we supplied, so I'm pretty sure no one went hungry.

About 8:30-ish it started to rain, and then poured for about an hour to an hour and a half. It let up just a little bit so Chris and some teens from our church got to set off the big fireworks. It was a pretty good show if I do say so myself... of course I might be a little biased in my opinion. There were a few parts that made me worry a bit, because the tubes were a little wet, and didn't shoot the fireworks up as high as they should have gone, but thankfully no one was hurt, and we didn't burn anything down!

Chris ended up burning 3 of his fingers because he was trying to light two fuses at once, and one lit, and he didn't want to stop trying to light the other one... so it was his own fault :) But that was the only injury the whole night, not to shabby.

Everyone ended up leaving about 11:00 except the teens that were here, they ended up staying all night playing their video games on the big screen. I went to bed about 1, and Chris didn't come to bed until 3 or so. Needless to say we slept in (well, as much as you can with little ones)the next morning. Then it was out to pick up all the debris from the fireworks... it was everywhere! I thought for sure it was going to take an eternity to clean it all up. Thankfully those boys were still here, because we put them to work! It wasn't the big stuff that made the mess, but the little black cats, and kid stuff that had been set off since 5:30 the night before! We picked up the big stuff, then Chris got the leaf blower, and blew what he could into the middle of the street, and we set it on fire. Then all we had to do was sweep up the ashes when they cooled.

Here's the clean up pictures. We put the little guys to work too! However, they didn't last to long!

After cleaning up we went swimming and then took some much needed naps. The boys slept until 6:00 and would've slept longer, but we woke them up. Then we went to eat at Aunt Melinda and Franks house. It was a really great couple of days.


Veg said...

I love that 1st picture! It looks like your boys are NOT happy about those 2 girls sitting next to them..LOL (Encourage those thoughts!) I can't wait to see your page when your done!