Tuesday, July 17, 2007

McConnel Air Show

We finally were able to make it to an air show! My family used to go almost every year, but I don't think I've been since right before Chris and I got married. So we decided that it would be a fun way to spend a Saturday, and hopefully the boys would enjoy seeing all the planes.
Besides the fact that security was high, and we weren't really sure what we could bring, (how big of a bag to put stuff in, stroller or wagon, chairs... etc..) it was stinking hot, and I forgot to bring the sunscreen with us to re-apply, we had fun! We didn't know how far we were going to have to park either, and we thought we might have to take a bus to get us to the gates, so we only ended up bringing the umbrella stroller instead of the wagon. However, next year... we're definitely bringing the wagon!! We didn't have to park that far away, so we just walked to the gates. Poor little Gavin was a trooper though, he tried so hard to not whine about walking, and he got to ride when Dylan wanted to walk, not to mention the countless piggy-back rides he got from daddy and our friend Andy throughout the day.
We ended up getting there when the gates opened about 10:30 and left about 4:15. So it was a long hot day. I brought some water, but they were also handing out free bottles, so we made sure to drink a lot. My dad treated us to some frozen lemonade after a while, which helped beat the heat. We spent a little time under the wing of a plane to eat that, and then we went to find a good spot to watch the Blue Angels fly.
Man, they are amazing! Very, very skilled and talented people maneuvering those planes. What a show! That by far is my favorite part of the air show.
Here's a slide show of the pictures from Saturday.