Tuesday, July 17, 2007

24 Weeks

24 weeks and I'm sick and tired of these stinking hormones! I swear I cried the whole day yesterday and nothing really happened. I just wanted to spend the whole day locked away, and not deal with anything. Of course that can't happen when you have two other children, so I got up and we just hung out in our pj's all morning. After lunch we got dressed, colored and picked up a little. Then when the boys took their nap I went to bed too!

Nothing got done around the house that I wanted. I didn't clean the bathrooms, I didn't dust or vacuum. I felt so bad that nothing got accomplished, and guess what? I cried!! Ugh, I cry when I'm happy, I cry when I'm sad, I cry for no reason at all! I'm so tired of it... and if I'm tired of it, I'm pretty darn sure that Chris has had enough.

Other than being an emotional roller coaster everything else has been going great. I've probably gained too much weight, because I feel huge! But that'll be confirmed when I go to my pre-natal appointment on Thursday.
The baby moves all the time, and loves to play in my ribs. Gavin said that he wanted to put his hand on my tummy the other day, so he did and the baby moved. He jerked his hand away and looked at me with a surprised look. I said "did you feel that?" he said "yeah" I said "that was your brother moving!" He was so excited that he got to feel him move, it was so cute!

I think (key word think) that Chris and I have decided on a first name for the baby. However when I tell anyone the name Chris looks at me like "why are you telling them we've decided on that", so it's subject to change. But for now we're calling him Caiden. And since we haven't decided 100% on Caiden a middle name is yet to come. But the options if we go with Caiden are Parker or Isaac. I personally like how Caiden Parker sounds, but we'll just have to wait and see!

I'll be back with an update on Thursday after my appointment, so check back!


Andrea said...

Caiden Parker is an awesome name!! And look at you & your belly girlfriend...holy moly, he is a big boy isn't he? XO