Friday, July 13, 2007

He's getting so big!

Yesterday was a bittersweet day. I went to register Gavin in preschool! He's going to be going to the Lutheran Preschool not to far from our house. He's very excited about it too! We went in and met the principal, and he seems to be a very nice man. He got a box of Vegi Tale toys out for the boys to play with while I filled out the paperwork. Then when all that was finished we got to check out his room. I think that's when he got the most excited. We'll have a Meet and greet just for the parents coming up in a few weeks, and then there will be a day for the kids to come by and meet the teacher to hopefully take away any hesitation on the kids' part.
I think it will be really great for him. He's already been telling me all the stuff he wants to learn.
My little boy is growing up!


dlphnlvr82 said...

That is so exciting and so sad all at the same time. They do grow up so fast!!