Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day of School

Today was the boys' first day of school.

Yes, you read that right! Both boys are going to school this year!

They are both in Pre-school, and I really didn't know whether to cry when I dropped them off or jump for joy!
It was so quiet just having Chase at home today, but I really enjoyed being able to spend time with just him and not have someone jumping on my back when I sat on the floor to play with him!

Here is Dylan before leaving the house. He had to have "cool spiky hair" the first day of school.

I swear those boys are going to be fighting worse than girls over the mirror when they're teens!

The sun was kinda in their faces too, so the picture isn't the greatest. I took about 5 per kid, and this is all we could come up with. But it'll do :)

This is one of his teachers Mrs. Dalke. She is very sweet, and very soft spoken. I kind of wonder how things go in her class with all these 3 year olds running a muck!

This is Dylan's other teacher, but for the life of me I cannot remember her name! (It must be the old age, and if it's not that it's the 3 kids, or the hair color.. pick the excuse that works for you and I'll take it!)

She is extremely sweet as well, but I think she may be the one who keeps the order in the class room.

Here's Gav! And no, he wasn't "trying" to smile.. ugh! Oh well, gotta love the kid any way. lol

He's an old Pro at this Pre school stuff ya know, so he wasn't to impressed by having to get his picture taken for his first day back this year.

This is Gavin's teacher Mrs. Daigle. She might look familiar. If so you're not crazy, well, you might be, but that's beside the point. It could also be because this is the same teacher he had last year!

I was planning on sending Gavin 3 days a week this year, and when she found that out, she asked me if I would re-think it and send him on Tuesday/Thursdays. She said she would really like to have him in her class again.

And it did end up working out better, so then I only have to run kids up to the school on those two days instead of 5 days a week!

Here are a few of the boys together before going to school.

No, I wasn't frisking them! I asked if they would turn around and show me their back packs and this is what I got!

I still can not believe that they are both in school! I'm probably going to be a mess when Chase goes into preschool...


Mel said...

Oh wow! They are both in school!! Isn't it kinda great?! I mean sad in a way that they are growing up but a nice time for you to be with Chase! Gosh... time sure flies!!!