Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Sad Day

It's taken me a week to post about this, and yet I'm still trying to fight back the tears.

I belong to a message board that is made up of mothers, who share their money saving tips, as well as the day to day struggles of parenting.

There is one mother in particular (Rene) who has touched all of our lives with the story of her family and their day to day joys and struggles of raising a child with congenital heart defects.

I loved hearing the stories of Tommy, and her updates of him reaching his milestones. I loved rejoicing with her when he finally was able to breathe without his trachea, and was able to "speak" and laugh for the first time since being born.

Sadly though on August 20th 2008 little Tommy lost his battle with his disease. You can read more about the details on her blog because I will not be able to write it out without crying.
Tommy's favorite movie was Finding Nemo and he loved bubbles so I've added this
to my blog in his memory.

Tommy has no idea how many lives he's touched, and how grateful we all are that God saw it fit to lend His little angel to this family so we could all be blessed by his life.

Rest in Peace Tommy!