Wednesday, April 16, 2008

One Crazy Trip!

Okie dokie, I finally have some time to sit and let y'all know about our trip! It was such a great trip and I am so glad that Anita and I decided to go. I think I would have regretted it for the rest of my life if I hadn't gone. Although we almost didn't make it to San Diego!
Our flight was supposed to leave at 1:20, but it was delayed until 2:30 due to snow in CO, and tornadoes in OK. Okay, fine, whatever. But the plane didn't even get in until close to 4, and then it had a mechanical failure! The landing gear light didn't come on when they landed so they had to come inspect the landing gear, and after almost an hour realized that the only problem was that a light bulb had burnt out.
So they come in and tell us what had happened, and that we have probably already missed our connecting flight going out of Denver, and if that was the case they couldn't guarantee us a flight out of Denver until Monday.
Anita and I just looked at each other clueless, and didn't know whether to go, stay or just sit and cry. So what did we do? We called MOM!! When Anita told her what was going on, she didn't know what to tell us, then they called for boarding, and mom said "Just get on the plane!", so we did! And we figured if worse came to worse we'd at least get to Colorado! :lol:
So we ended up getting out of Wichita at 5-something and to Denver around 6. Of course our connecting flight had already left, so we headed for Customer service. And it was there that we became extremely grateful that we'd had a burnt out light bulb on our plane. Because if that had not happened, all of our delays would've been due to weather, and they can't change flights, or anything for free if it's caused by weather. But because it was a mechanical failure we got food vouchers, a $100.00 flight voucher good for a year and our flight switched all for free! We were all thanking Jesus for that one!
We ended up having to fly into Orange County instead f San Diego because all the flights to San Diego were full. But the flight didn't leave Denver until 9:30. So we got something to eat and hung out at the airport. We ended up arriving in OC about 12 and had to go to baggage claim to see if our luggage made it. It didn't! But the good news was that it had made it to San Diego's Airport! We then rented a car and car seats and ended up driving 1-1/2 hours to the San Diego airport.
My parents were there to pick us up from the airport and take us to the hotel. All in all it was quite an adventure, but we made it, and we got to see my baby brother graduate into a Marine!! The babies were so great, and they didn't ever get extremely cranky. God really looked out for us.