Friday, June 8, 2007

Derby Days

Or town holds a fair type event over one weekend that we call "Derby Days". It starts out with a parade on Friday night, and they set up tents with fun stuff for kids, and information booths, and such. They also set up the carnival rides, and games, and of course the food court!

We didn't get to go to the parade on Friday night, because we were babysitting 4 other kiddos. Even if we were crazy enough to try and attempt it, we couldn't have because we don't have a vehicle large enough (but that's going to change real soon... more to come on this later).

But we did end up making it to the carnival on Saturday evening. Gavin had a blast, and even rode a ride with Chris that I was surprised he got on. Dylan however FREAKED! He wouldn't ride the first ride that Gavin went on, but after a while he wanted to try one. So we got him in a ride with Gavin thinking it would be better. Well the car that Chris put him in lifted off the ground, and the poor kid lost it. I felt really bad for him, but we didn't know that one flew, and the guy running it didn't tell us either. Poor kid will probably never ride a ride again.


Rebecca said...

Poor baby!!!!! OF course, Gavin freaked out a bit too last time, so maybe he will forget:)