Sunday, June 10, 2007

My baby boy is 2 today

It's so hard to believe how fast these two years have flown by. I really didn't believe it when people told me how fast time would go by once I had kids, but it's sooo true. It seems like yesterday we were bringing him home, and bundling him all up in his cozy little blankets.

Now I'm chasing after him hoping that he doesn't climb on something that's he's either going to break, or going to hurt him! Or I'm sneaking up on him catching him in the middle of getting into something he knows very well not to. Even with all those mischevious moments he still has a way of melting his mommies heart with that cute little grin, and sparkley eyes.

I also want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my mom and Granny! I hope you both had a wonderful day (even though mom's day was spent hosting a garage sale... You're the best!!)

We didn't do a whole lot for his birthday today, because we were helping a friend move, and we were supposed to help out with a youth activity, but I didn't find out until Sunday that it was cancelled. So it was too late to plan a party :( But we did go out for ice cream at good 'ol Dairy Queen! We're going to have the real party this coming Saturday... so there'll be a lot of pictures to come :)







Heather said...

Yeah Dylan! Congrats on the big 2!! Hope you are having a wonderful day. :)