Sunday, June 24, 2007

Roughing it

We went camping this weekend with our church's youth group. It was kind of a last minute thing, not the camp out it's self, but us remembering that it was actually this weekend! But it was fun non the less. We left the church about 11-ish on Saturday afternoon, and got back today around 11-ish.
The boys had a BLAST! I didn't really know how they would handle it, because my boys aren't the typical, "let's get dirty, and find every bug we can" type boys. Sure they like bugs, if they don't have to pick them up, and they like dirt, just not on them! But they both did really well, no one freaked out about being dirty, and they got a few baths with diaper wipes because they were getting so dirty (Yay! they were actually being boys!).
Dylan "Fished" for the first time. Although it was actually more like, daddy casts it and I walk backwards and pull the line back in - because I can't figure out how to reel it in - and in the process loose the bait and hook! But it was cute, that's for sure :)

Gavin has fished once before, so he knew what he was doing. He only needed help with the casting part, but that was probably better for every one else's safety. lol

After we ate lunch, Chris tried to take them swimming in the lake, but that didn't work so well. He took Gavin in first, but had to set him down so he could get Dylan in. Well, Gavin freaked out the minute his feet hit the muddy bottom, (he hates for his feet to be in grass, mud, you name it) so that made Dylan freak out, and then they both were done after two seconds. Gavin ended up getting back in with Chris a little while later, and realized it wasn't so bad after all.

While they were swimming Chris saw some huge fish in the reeds. He's not sure if the were really big Carp, or if they were catfish, or what, but he was dead set on catching one after seeing them. He tried with the fishing poles, but that didn't work (I think fish have gotten smarter or something, because no one was having any luck). So he decided he was going to do it the old fashion, cave-man way.

(Nice farmer's tan Eh?!)
He tool one of the double pronged skewers that are used for roasting marshmallows, and hot dogs over the fire and said he'd be back in a little while with a fish... and we waited, and waited... and waited. I swear he was gone for an hour maybe more. He didn't get his fish but he caught a really ticked off snapping turtle!

He said it made him feel like the crocodile hunter :)

Not much exciting happened after that. We ate dinner, and roasted marshmallows...mmm... my favorite :) hung out by the campfire for a little bit, some of the kids and the leaders went Snipe hunting, then it was time for bed.

This morning we just hung out, ate breakfast, Chris and most of the kids went swimming again. Then we packed up and headed for home.

The boys got a good scrub down, ate lunch, and took a good loooong nap. I however didn't take a nap, but chose instead to get started on all of our laundry!

Here's some random pictures from the weekend.


Rebecca said...

Too cute......looks like you had a LOT of fun...and got some pretty priceless photos besides! I love the ones of the boys with their back to the camera by the water and with Chris and Gavin leaning against the tree! Wht memories:)