Friday, June 15, 2007

Is it a BOY.... or is it a GIRL???

Well..... it's pretty obvious...(Okay, maybe not to some of you) it's a BOY!!!

My mom rode up to the building with me and the boys, because Chris was just going to meet us there. And she was having a conversation with Gavin while we were waiting for Chris' mom and Chris.

Mom: Are we going to find out what mommies having?

Gavin: Yep

Mom: What do you think mommies having?

Gavin: A boy or a girl

Mom: What if it's just a boy, would that be okay?

Gavin: Yeah

Mom: What if it's a girl, would that be okay too?

Gavin: No, it's a boy. No girls.

Mom: Well you know it could be a girl.

Gavin: It's not a girl!

So the kid was right. It's not a girl.... definitely not a girl!

He weighs about 18 ounces, and is in the 75th percentile. They only moved my due date up 3 days, so that put it at October 30th (so Paw-Paw just might have someone to share his birthday with!) but more than likely I will be having him a week or so before that. We shall see!!

Oh boy (ha ha, no pun intended) a house FULL of BOYS! What's a girl to do.... borrow her sister's girls and hit the mall!

Here are a few more sonogram pictures from today.


Hand by his head:
I also had my prenatal visit with Kathy on Tuesday. Everything is checking out just fine. My weight is a bit off, I've gained 17 lbs so far :eek:! But she said that the only thing I need to do is watch how much sugar I'm eating. Other than that there wasn't anything I was doing to have gained so much. So I'm taking her advice, and watching how much sugar I eat. I am also going to start taking evening walks, and we'll be swimming almost every day here soon, so that should be very helpful!
I needed some iron too, because my energy had been really low, so that means I'm probably anemic again. I always am when I'm pregnant. So with that in me I feel much, much better.
So there's the update on pretty much everything! I'll be posting my 20 week picture probably on Monday or Tuesday.


Heather said...

I thought for sure you were having a girl this time!! DARN IT!
Just kidding! They say boys are easier than girls so you are probably better off. Besides, Cam is already into the whole shopping thing already and Chris says we better not have another girl or we will be in huge trouble. ;) At least you already know what to expect.